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Customers come first and Quality matters most is the perception of Eternal in business.

The company commits to fight for customers best interests and offer real and practical inspections/cleaning solutions in the fiber field.

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Who we are?
Established in 2001, ShenZhen Eternal Science Co.,Ltd specializes in the research and development, production and sales of fiber inspection/cleaning tools over fifteen years in China, Shenzhen. In 2002, Eternal began to transform its major businesses from the completely agent service into the self-develop products and OEM/ODM/labeling service. In 2003 the company acquired the intellectual property from W&L Development pty,ltd in Australia to help build its own brand with the logo of AusBest. Eternal never stop researching and developing the new products for years to build high quality products for customers. Profession and innovation are the key company advantages to gain the competitive edge and good reputation in the industry.

What we do?
Over fifteen years, Eternal successfully developed a series of fiber products, including FVO-600A/700A/EFW-300 Series Handheld Fiber probes, EDV-136/137/838 Series Fiber Cleaners and FTN-450/ETN-3000 Series Bench-top Fiber Microscopes etc., tools as well as EFD Fiber Data Analysis and Fiber View Software.

The products, designed with high performance and low cost, bring real benefits and convenience to the customers. They are most applied in the network operation maintenance/troubleshooting and fiber kits production QC environment.
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Whom we serve?

The series microscopes and cleaners have been widely supplied to companies of fiber kits as jumper assemblies, transceivers manufactures for production QC process,  operators for complicated field test, companies of industry giant for ODM/OEM/labeling service.

The products have been largely supplied to not only the China’s domestic markets, but also the overseas markets  from Asia areas Japan/Singapore/Malaysia etc., to European countries UK/Poland/Netherlands etc., and USA/South American areas.

What philosophy we value most?

Customers come first and build the professional products is the most philosophy Eternal Science value most in business. Eternal commits to fight for customers the best interest and offer the practical inspections/clean solutions to the fiber transmission work.

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Independent intellectual property rights

Two items of utility model patents:

+ 2016.01.13,Fiber end face electric cleaning ware that flexible shortens Patent number:ZL 2015 2 0581582.7

+ 2016.04.13,Clean pole and fiber end face cleaner Patent number:ZL 2015 2 0694160.0

Three items of design patent:

+ 2015.09.23,Fiber optic electric cleaner (EDV-838) Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0177585.X

+ 2016.01.06,Wireless WIFI Fiber end detector Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0365408.4

+ 2017.06.09,Fiber optic type detector (ETN3000) Patent number:ZL 2016 3 0641184.X

The customers we have served