ETN-3000C Automated Bench Fiber Microscope

ETN-3000C Automated Bench Fiber Microscope

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ETN-3000C series has a built-in Windows industrial host, which greatly reduces the difficulty for users to get started. The user only needs to insert the fiber connector, and the EFD software can automatically analyze and judge according to the preset criteria and generate the analysis report, providing a standardized solution for the inspection of the optical fiber end face. This system supports the latest AF standard required by IEC.

The software supports four international criteria, like IEC-61300-3-35 / IPC-8397-1, also supports user-defined standards.


  • Integrated all-in-one microscope for easy view and quick operation.

  • Auto focus, No need to repeat manual focusing operation.

  • Auto capture, software control auto capture clear picture.

  • Auto analysis, real-time and accurate criteria analysis.

  • Auto archiving, pictures and details of each fiber are kept intact.

  • Auto report, which can generate single chart report or batch report.

  • 0.5μm high definition, the end-face is clear and easy to distinguish.

  • Patented fixture, convenient for replacement to meet kinds of needs.

  • CE/CEM/ROHS Certified.

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Short ferrule, semi-finished, finished fiber end-face inspection
Optical components inspection
Built-in Windows industrial host, Out of the box & ready to use
Supports international criteria, like IEC-61300-3-35, also supports user-defined standards.